Train the Way We Were Made to Train! 

Prepare your body for the demands of daily life and more with functional training. Not only is functional style training one of the best ways to stay in shape, it can also be one of the most fun! Learn more about functional training here.

Our three functional training classes will get you in the best shape in you life.

Total Body Conditioning (TBC):

A brief warm-up followed by 100% total body strength class using free weights. We GUARANTEE strength increases with every class... and core and balance  training too! One of our most popular classes!


Cardio Pump:

A high/medium intensity interval (HIIT) class which uses steps, ropes, kettle bells, sports drills, resistance training & stability balls to keep the heart rate up. A true cross-training class!

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Cardio Pump for Chicks:

Our same popular cardio pump, but class enrollment is limited to women only. 

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