Stretch into Fitness with Yoga!

Tune both mind and body with yoga. Our yoga classes offer something for every skill level. Not only will you improve flexibility, but also strength, mobility, and even burn calories in a relaxing ocean front setting.

Gentle Yoga: 

Stretch yoga emphasizes the deep, juicy stretch of all major muscles groups through a series of slow movements and breath awareness, thus releasing tightness throughout your body. An extended savasana relaxes you for the coming week.

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Flow Yoga:

Flow yoga  begins with gentler movements to warm up the body, then progresses into more challenging flowing sequences. These may include balances, inversions and peak poses. Class ends with calmer, deeper stretches, and often a floor-based asana practice.

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A challenging full-body workout combining the benefits of Pilates strength training and the flexibility of yoga.

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Kundalini Yoga:

This yoga class focuses more on mindful movement, meditation and chanting in order to increase your vitality and consciousness.

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